Saving for a rainy day or putting money away for your kids’ future? Finding a starting point when it comes to savings and the various ways you can plan for the future can seem difficult, with so many different options out there, not to mention all that banking jargon confusing you. Worry not, because at Find an Expert, we can guide you towards the light, with our directory of advisors who can assist you in putting your money away, safely and securely.

When you ask an expert for advice they will want to know:

  • What are you saving for?
  • How long do you want to save for?
  • How much risk (if any) do you want to take with your money?
  • Will you need access to your savings along the way?
  • Would you like your savings to provide you with an income one day?
  • What tax band are you in?
  • What tax band are you likely to be in when you take your money?
  • Have you used all of your tax allowances?

If you are already saving/have investments, it’s even more important to make sure you have made the best decisions.

Imagine if you found out your investments weren’t the best? While you may not want to know if you’ve made a bad choice, at least you will be able to change it and stop losing money!

You need to know:

  • Are you getting decent returns?
  • Are you taking too much risk?
  • Are your funds too volatile?
  • Are you’re charges too high?
  • Are you paying tax unnecessarily?

A review with an expert will be able to answer these questions and make sure your hard earnt money is in the best place and working hard for you!

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